CEUL029244 - Thrust Joint Manipulation Skills

Offered By
Bellin Health

1970 S. Ridge Road
Green Bay, WI  54304  USA

Course Description:

Description: This mostly 'hands on' course is designed to improve the knowledge and skills of physical therapists, building upon entry-level training or orthopedic manual physical therapy in spinal and cervical spine, thoracic spine and pelvis. This course is based on the Manipulation Educational Manual and the latest research and clinical implementation of spinal manipulation for physical therapists. The focus of this course is safe and skillful application of the manipulation techniques taught in the class. The course is a full day of spinal manipulation lab training or the lumbar, cervical and thoracic areas. Safe and effective handling skills form the core of this course.

This one-day lab intensive course will enable some proficiency to be screened for red flags, the completion of the history and physical examination, and focus heavily on skillful delivery or manipulative techniques to the spine.

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Mar 3, 2019 to Mar 3, 2019 | Green Bay WI


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