CEUL030328 - Psychologically Informed Practice

Offered By
Bellin Health

1970 S. Ridge Road
Green Bay, WI  54304  USA

Course Description:

Over the past decade, there has been an explosion of research on the underlying mechanisms of complex persistent pain and conservative treatment of these conditions. Despite this mounting research, clinicians often remain frustrated with poor patient outcomes, lack confidence in applying new treatment principles, and are unable to translate the evidence in the management of these patient populations due to a gap between research and the real world of practice. This course will take a practical approach in exploring the underlying changes in neurobiology that occur and clarify implementation of practical solutions in the treatment of patients with complex persistent pain issues including education, exercise dosage, goal setting, graded exercise, graded exposure, tactile discrimination, and graded motor imagery. The goal of the course is to present practical interventions that will help improve your management of these patients the next day in clinic.

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Mar 16, 2019 to Mar 16, 2019 | Green Bay WI
Mar 17, 2019 to Mar 17, 2019 | Green Bay WI


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