CEUL030770 - Falling Through the Cracks: Identifying Seniors at Risk for Falls through the Implementation of a Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program

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Biodex Medical Systems

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Wynnewood, PA  19096  USA

Course Description:

Falls amongst the senior population has become a significant problem in the United States. With one-third reported falls for those 65 and over and staggering costs that coincide, preventative measures must be taken to identify and treat those individuals who are at risk for falls before they occur. Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Programs have been proven to do just that. Over the past few years, research has proven how falls and subsequent cost-related injuries decrease with the implementation of these programs.

This course, Falling through the Cracks: Identifying Seniors who are at Risk for Falls through the Implementation of a Fall Risk Screening and Conditioning Program, begins with an overview of common intrinsic and extrinsic causes of falls among seniors, the consequences, and current cost-related statistics. Consisting of a questionnaire and multifactorial assessment looking at areas such as cognition, vision, current living environment, and activity participation, course participants will learn how they can play an integral role providing evidenced-based Fall Risk Assessments in their own communities or workplaces. This will be followed by a detailed review of common clinical balance, gait, and strength tests that can be administered to determine fall risk. Following the Fall Risk Assessment, participants will learn what a conditioning program consisting of balance, gait, strength, and functional task training will look like. Lastly, basic marketing techniques to educate and promote a Fall Risk assessment program to seniors in the community and colleagues will be discussed. To optimize learning and knowledge, participants will have hands on practice with the Fall Risk Assessments discussed in throughout the workshop.

CEU Credits: 2.00

Type of Course: In Person

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Apr 6, 2019 | Wassau WI


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