CEUL031579 - The Hands-On Guide to Vestibular Rehabilitation: Clinical Decision-Making to Treat Vertigo, Dizziness, & Balance Disorders

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PESI, Inc.

3839 White Ave,
Eau Claire, WI  54703  USA

Course Description:

Colleen Sleik PT, DPT, OCS, NCS, began her journey into the specialized care of vestibular rehabilitation
patients after evaluating a patient that she felt ill equipped to help. She needed to know more.
Recognizing and treating BPPV itself is quite straightforward. However, the care becomes much more
complex for patients that are experiencing something that was initially thought to be BPPV or for those
who have multiple conditions impacting their overall presentation. Advanced learning is required to
understand how the systems function as a whole. This course was developed with these challenging
patients in mind.
The course begins with assessment and treatment techniques for BPPV, including a lab component to
practice technique, hand positioning, and patient-specific modifications. You will become skilled to
better recognize BPPV and subsequently recognize the presentations that do not fit the BPPV pattern.
Further assessment and treatment of the non-BPPV diagnoses will also be addressed through functional
assessments and treatment progressions.
Participants of this course will walk out with a deeper understanding of assessment, treatment
techniques, patient-specific modifications, and differential diagnosis skills for the dizzy patient. Take
your skills to a new level when you can pinpoint the areas where therapy can intervene to promote the
desired functional gains for patients and the strategies to appropriately progress patients through each
of those areas.

CEU Credits: 6.00

Type of Course: In Person

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Course Dates To Be Offered:

Apr 29, 2019 | Appleton WI
Apr 30, 2019 | Madison WI
May 1, 2019 | Brookfield WI


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