CEUL034780 - Lower Body - Lumbar & Sacral Plexus

Offered By
Myokin Inc

9719 Grandview St.
Overland Park, KS  66212  USA

Course Description:

This is a soft tissue technique that corrects and balances the nervous system. We determine the nerve level problem with a postural assessment and how each postural imbalance relates to the nervous system. Treatment is done by stimulating only the muscles along one nerve pathway.

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Jun 22, 2019 to Jun 23, 2019 | Madison WI
Nov 2, 2019 to Nov 3, 2019 | Des Moines IA
Nov 9, 2019 to Nov 10, 2019 | Springfield IL
Nov 16, 2019 to Nov 17, 2019 | Seattle WA


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