CEUL037666 - Documentation Success in 5 Minutes or Less: The Platforms to Demonstrate Medical Necessity, Maximize Reimbursement & Eliminate Paybacks

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PESI, Inc.

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Eau Claire, WI  54703  USA

Course Description:

Treating patients is your passion. But if you’re like me, the only hindrance to that passion is the time-consuming task of documentation.

The system you use to document supposedly makes this task easier with checked boxes and drop-down choices, but may hinder your skills and dampen your passion. You find yourself spending longer documenting all your sessions at the end of the day instead of in real-time. You become frustrated, sloppy, and burnt-out as the day begins to bleed together and you forget objective and subjective data. By doing so, your plan of care suffers, outcomes aren’t efficiently met, and you run the risk of increased pay-backs or audits to payer sources, including CMS.

But by learning the 5 platforms of documentation that I will share with you, you can spend5 minutes or less during the actual treatment session documenting without reducing any hands-on time with your patient.

In addition, you will receive 2 required ethics hours to ensure you are documenting at the highest standard and protecting your clinical practice through real examples.

The secret is simple – so sign up today to avoid wasting time documenting incorrectly and return to your passion of treating patients successfully.

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Nov 7, 2019 to Nov 7, 2019 | Shoreview MN
Nov 8, 2019 to Nov 8, 2019 | Bloomington MN
Nov 8, 2019 to Nov 8, 2019 | Webcast MN


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