CEUL048758 - PRI Integration for Geriatrics- Restoring Alternating Function in the Immobile, Frail and Chronic

Offered By
Postural Restoration Institute

5255 R Street
Lincoln, NE  68504  USA

Course Description:

This advanced lecture and lab course is designed to help clinicians restore gait dynamics and functional performance when working with geriatric populations or the immobile, frail or chronic of any age. Participants will gain an appreciation for PRI fundamental principles and the common asymmetrical patterns that can lead to faulty movement, pathomechanics and pain. PRI assessment tests designed specifically for geriatrics and low functioning patients, clients or athletes will be introduced to guide exercise selection, program planning and to monitor progress. Treatment recommendations are designed specifically for geriatric and low functioning populations to help them deliver successful treatment outcomes when traditional PRI positions and activities may not be well tolerated. Respiration and alternating reciprocal movement will be emphasized during program development and lab experiences to help restore ADL function, bed mobility, transfer ability, dynamic balance and gait performance.


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