CEUL054010 - Put Some Muscle Into Ther Ex

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GREAT Seminars & Books / GREAT Seminars Online

2639 Revere Drive
Akron, OH  44333  USA

Course Description:

Resistance training is an integral component of therapeutic exercise. Put Some Muscle Into Ther Ex provides therapists with clinically challenging information on this often under utilized intervention for the geriatric population. Through dynamic lectures, audiovisuals, demonstrations, case applications, and a comprehensive handout, participants gain an updated understanding of the theory underlying resistance exercise, design and progression of training programs, and special considerations for resistance training in older patients. Interactive sessions offer the opportunity to learn and practice specific evaluation techniques including hand-held dynamometry and 1 RM strength testing for immediate implementation in the practice setting. Forums on specific resistance exercises allow therapists to perform, share and take home practical exercises for training the upper extremity, lower extremity, and trunk with a range of resistive exercise equipment. A synthesis of the precautions, contraindications, and program components provides participants with specific research based protocols for a myriad of diagnoses and functional limitations. Put Some Muscle Into Ther Ex provides a one-step update on resistance training that will jump start your patient outcomes.

CEU Credits: 2.000

Type of Course: In Person

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Feb 26, 2022 to Feb 26, 2022 | LIVE WEBINAR SC
Apr 9, 2022 to Apr 10, 2022 | Los Angeles CA
Sep 17, 2022 to Sep 18, 2022 | Charlotte NC


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