CEUL062894 - iDryNeedle Clinical IQ Series: E-stim & Dry Needling (On-site lab intensive)

Offered By

218 MAIN ST # 778

Course Description:

iDryNeedle Clinical IQ Series is educational content specifically for clinicians already trained in dry needling. The content is not intended as education on basic dry needling technique, but specific clinical applications for those who have already completed their introductory dry needling competency training. The courses in the Clinical IQ Series look to answer the expert-level questions regarding clinical application for dry needling in the context of specific patient populations, various diagnoses, and advanced methodological application.

Thisa iDryNeedle Clinical IQ Series: E-stim & Dry Needling is a 1-day in-person lab intensive course with both didactic lecture and lab demonstration for tactical methodology regarding specific application of e-stim with dry needling. The course will review: introduction to indwelling e-stim, safety, orientation to e-stim tools, and basic e-stim application; then will go into more specific detailed application of e-stim for pain modulation, athletic recovery, neuromuscular changes, neural health, and other specialized uses. Lecture, live demonstrations, supervised lab sessions, clinical commentary sessions to answer questions and discuss supporting research are included to reinforce learning and rationale for clinical e-stim use with dry needling.


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