CEUL064803 - Myofascial Release: Functional Integration

Offered By
Great Lakes Seminars

2768 Centennial Road
Toledo, OH  43617  USA

Course Description:

This class will give the participant an entirely new way to look at treating the soft-tissue system of the whole body. The focus is to integrate Myofascial Release, passive and active movement, and functional movement. The participant will learn to diagnose and treat the myofascial system while incorporating the peripheral nervous system, the fascial system, and the muscular system. Each participant will be able to walk away from the class with an ability to perform fascial release techniques based on Releasing with Movement. This technique incorporates direct muscle releases while lengthening and shortening the muscle both passively and actively. This allows the dysfunctional motor units to normalize and immediately start to work in a normal way again in functional movement patterns.

As with all of our manual therapy courses, this seminar will follow a progression of principles and reinforce them throughout the 16 hours, is at least 75% hands-on lab, and will give the clinician hands-on skills they use immediately upon their return to the clinical setting.

CEU Credits: 16.500

Type of Course: In Person

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Dec 12, 2020 to Dec 13, 2020 | Charleston WI
Feb 20, 2021 to Feb 21, 2021 | Billings MT
Apr 17, 2021 to Apr 18, 2021 | Minneapolis MN
Jul 10, 2021 to Jul 11, 2021 | Newark NJ
Aug 28, 2021 to Aug 29, 2021 | Richmond VA
Dec 11, 2021 to Dec 12, 2021 | Toledo OH


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