CEUL065571 - Orthopedic Considerations for the Post-Stroke Upper Extremity

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1633 Westlake AVE N
Suite 200
Seattle, WA  98109  USA

Course Description:

Complications after stroke are vast and distressing, impacting the quality of life and independence of millions of stroke patients. Upper extremity impairment constitutes one of these highly devastating complications. As neurorehabilitation practitioners, we have the responsibility to treat and manage upper extremity deficits that have resulted from neurological insult. However, impairments in the neurological upper extremity are often influenced by orthopedic factors that can hinder patient progress and function. A strong foundation in neuromusculoskeletal anatomy and kinesiology can help enhance therapy approaches to managing the post-stroke upper extremity and facilitating desired outcomes. This course is designed for practitioners who seek to gain knowledge of orthopedic considerations related to the neurological upper extremity with emphasis on the shoulder complex. Content from this course will address the neuromusculoskeletal mechanisms that influence upper extremity movement, upper extremity conditions that may result after stroke, and strategies for managing the painful shoulder girdle.


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