CEUL066183 - Motor Imagery in Rehabilitation (#1331)

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27710 Walsh Crossing Drive
Katy, TX  77494  USA

Course Description:

Motor imagery is imagined movement performance, absent of voluntary physical motion. This course on motor imagery provides a thorough overview of the different types of motor imagery available in the rehabilitative setting, while discussing the evidence-based science behind the practice. This material delves into motor imagery as a novel addition to traditional therapeutic methods and modalities to improve the outcomes for clients who are acute, have chronic conditions, have pain, have experienced a plateau in their progress, or who have functional limitations from neuromuscular disorders. Examples and case studies included in this course are patients with stroke, Parkinson’s, MS, SCI, Chronic Pain, or Orthopedic Conditions. Motor imagery (including virtual reality, mirror therapy, graded motor imagery, self and expert guided motor imagery) is an effective method of neuromuscular rehabilitation via neuroplastic brain training that teaches clients to move comfortably with the proper muscular coordination and sequencing without pain in order to increase function. This course will be effective in your clinical practice as you learn how to reset and train the neuromuscular system to attain the desired skills of your client in both the orthopedic and neurologic rehabilitative settings.


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