CEUL066242 - Length, Strength, and Kinesio Tape

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27710 Walsh Crossing Drive
Katy, TX  77494  USA

Course Description:

This course includes and is based on the book/video Length, Strength and Kinesio Tape: Muscle Testing and Taping Interventions. The book’s primary author is Thuy Bridges, a physiotherapist in Australia and a certified practitioner and instructor in Kinesio® Taping, tai chi, Pilates, and yoga. This innovative course presents the theories behind the use of Kinesio Tape, explains how taping affects various body systems, and thoroughly explains how and when to use taping to treat problems with weakness (strength or facilitation taping) and problems with muscle shortness or tightness (length or inhibition taping). The course also serves as a comprehensive and practical treatment manual, providing detailed instructions on taping for specific muscles of the neck, shoulder, elbow, wrist/thumb, trunk, pelvic girdle/hip, knee, and ankle. The textbook and videos are an excellent overview of Kinesio Taping and provide a detailed “how-to” manual for practical application in the clinic. Detailed surface anatomy illustrations greatly enhance the text. This course includes 15 text based hours and 6 hours of online video case study hours covering 8 major body areas that provide step-by-step instructions of the assessment and taping strategies. Note: This is a continuing education course intended for those who have had some prior education or experience in taping.


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