CEUL066679 - Hydrotherapy: Watsu

Offered By
DynaMed LLC

1509 Wilson Terrace
Glendale, CA  91206  USA

Course Description:

Watsu is a type of aquatic therapy that combines stretching and acupressure while the patient floats in a warm pool. The name is derived from water and shiatsu. The aquatic environment is thought to enhance the effects of shiatsu massage techniques, allowing for more complete relaxation. The approach originated as a relaxation technique for well individuals and was later adapted by rehabilitation therapists for patients with various physical disorders, including chronic musculoskeletal problems and neurological disorders. Watsu differs from other forms of aquatic therapy in that the patient is held afloat throughout the entire treatment by the therapist, who typically supports the patient under the back and head with his or her forearm. In general, the patient remains passive. The therapist stabilizes or moves one body segment while moving rhythmically through the water, creating a drag effect that stretches other segments. Specific sequences of movements are used, and intermittent finger pressure is applied along the meridians identified in shiatsu practice. Indications for its use include pain, limitations in range of motion (ROM), and abnormal muscle tone. Very little research evidence about Watsu treatment has been reported.


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