CEUL067689 - : Post-Acute Care Revolution: New Evidence Based Interventions for Older Adults

Offered By
Great Seminars Online

2649 Revere Drive, Akron
Akron, OH, OH  44333  USA

Course Description:

Treating the older adult in today’s Post-Acute Setting has recently become much more challenging. From increased demands on productivity and efficiency, recommendations to use evidence-based treatment techniques and standardized assessments, changing regulations for billing and higher expectations of documentation. From a therapist who has experience to one who is new to the post-acute setting, these challenges can seem daunting, so what is a therapist supposed to do? Clearly, we must grow in our ability to meet these challenges. This course will address how to do that.
This course will provide the treating therapist with evidence-based treatment techniques on commonly seen conditions and diagnoses and demonstrate how to effectively administer these techniques to actual patients. It offers ideas to improve productivity, efficiency and personal growth, includes appropriate standardized assessments that can easily be implemented in various clinical settings, educates you on how to improve documentation, and in a non-required bonus section, it explains the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM) for the skilled nursing setting.
The therapist who learns to adapt to these changes will be better prepared to treat older adults and give them the high-quality care that they deserve.


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