CEUL067918 - Nerve

Offered By
Active Release Techniques

9240 Explorer Drive
Colorado Springs, CO  80920  USA

Course Description:

Active Release Techniques® Nerve offers advanced training in 90 manual treatment protocols pertaining to local, distal, and long tract nerve entrapments. Full Body Level 1 (Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity + Spine) certification is a prerequisite for Nerve seminars. This seminar is taught live and is almost entirely “hands-on." We offer a small student to instructor ratio to ensure quality education. Providers learn and practice manual palpation and treatment modalities to diagnose and treat nerve entrapments, neuropathies, and associated disorders. Evaluation and treatment occur simultaneously. After completing our Nerve seminar, you will be able to explain the neural pathology seen in practice and identify nerve entrapments via differential palpation. Additionally, you will know how to free identified nerve entrapments by releasing surrounding tissue and facilitating nerve slide via ART protocols and methods.

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Feb 4, 2021 to Feb 7, 2021 | Colorado Springs CO
Feb 4, 2021 to Feb 7, 2021 | Honolulu HI
May 20, 2021 to May 23, 2021 | Sacramento CA
Jun 3, 2021 to Jun 6, 2021 | Colorado Springs CO
Jun 10, 2021 to Jun 13, 2021 | Orlando FL
Aug 26, 2021 to Aug 29, 2021 | Boston MA
Oct 28, 2021 to Oct 31, 2021 | Atlanta GA
Nov 4, 2021 to Nov 7, 2021 | Colorado Springs CO


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