CEUL069265 - Treatment of neck pain with focus on headaches, cervical radiculopathy & structuring a general exercise prescription

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N86W27690 Meadowview Ct
Hartland, WI  53029  USA

Course Description:

Description: This course will consist of a series of 3 in person labs discussing management of neck pain with headaches, radiculopathy & exercise prescription. Courses will have a power point presentation and quiz reviewing each specific topic within the series. For part 1 of the series we will review diagnostic criteria and clinical presentation of cervicogenic headaches, tension type headaches & migraine headaches with/without aura. This course will then review the most recent evidence as it relates to evaluation & treatment of each of the headaches from a PT stand-point; including cranial nerve screening, manual therapy intervention and specific exercise with a touch on other modalities seen clinically (TDN, botox, biofeedback) Part II course/lab will consist of a powerpoint presentation & quiz reviewing the most recent evidence as it relates to evaluation and treatment of cervical radiculopathy including review of CPR & neuro screening. We will review evidence as it relates to most appropriate interventions for cervical radiculopathy including manual therapy, exercise, variations in manual/home traction and neural glides with time spent in labs practicing variations of the mentioned techniques. Part III of the series will consist of a powerpoint presentation & quiz reviewing the most recent evidence for exercise prescription. We will answer the questions relating to WHY it is important to “load” the patient and HOW we can safely load and prescribe exercise using RPE and/or Reps in Reserve. We will discuss exercise progression based on the SINSS model with examples for the lower-level patient vs higher-level active adult/athlete in the acute, subacute, chronic stages of recovery. We will discuss progressions from gravity-assisted to gravity-resisted, non-weightbearing to functional strength. Furthermore enhancing the patient’s home exercise program to mimic skilled interventions while most importantly reducing fear and progressing the patient toward their established functional goals.

CEU Credits: 3.000

Type of Course: In Person

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Apr 1, 2021 to Apr 1, 2022 | Milwaukee WI


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