CEUL070144 - Altered Breathing Patterns and Disorders: Their Impact on Health, Posture, Pain, and Stress

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5048 Tennyson Prkwy Ste. 200
Plano, TX  75024  USA

Course Description:

Altered breathing patterns brought on by life, stress, pain and injury can alter the biomechanics of the trunk and the biochemistry of the blood system and produce negative effects on the health of the body. Faulty patterns will alter the function of the thorax, cervical spine and spine control. Dysfunctional breathing patterns are rarely looked at as being a possible cause of spinal dysfunctions as well as propagating continued pain patterns. Fibromyalgia, chronic pelvic pain chronic chest pain, gut pain, chronic fatigue can all be aggravated and prolonged by dysfunctional breathing patterns. Sleep apnea is also becoming a significant factor in accidents, mood disorders and cardiovascular disease. For those Therapists who work in the acute care realm, the diaphragm is now being studied extensively due to the dysfunction that occurs with mechanical ventilation utilized in surgeries, injury and disease.
Dysfunction of the respiratory complex, trunk muscular imbalances, muscular inhibition and weakness, myofascial restrictions, loss of axial rotation and chronic hyperventilation, all have significant effects on posture, trunk stability, chronic pain, upper extremity and lower extremity function and motion.
This seminar will deal with the various pathologies that are related to altered breathing patterns and respiratory dysfunction as well as learning and understanding the normal anatomy and biomechanics of the thorax and the physiology of respiratory system. It will enable the student to connect the negative effects of dysfunction of respiration and the diaphragm to specific pathologies.
Altered Breathing Patterns and Disorders: Their Impact on Health, Posture, Pain and Stress will be an adjunct for any spinal health platform. It is essential that the student comprehend how dysfunctional breathing patterns and their consequences are involved with chronic pain, spinal dysfunction and certain disease processes. It is equally important that the student understand the importance of regaining and maintaining good respiratory function for spine health and overall patient well being.


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