CEUL071448 - Yoga Tools for Schools: Mindful Movement in the Classroom (#627)

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6081 Cliff Lane
Temple, TX  76502  USA

Course Description:

School can be a stressful environment for children struggling with learning difficulties and
disabilities, including social, emotional, developmental, and behavioral issues. These students
may feel anxious, overwhelmed, or overstimulated at school, and they may demonstrate “actingout” behaviors. Their difficulty with self-regulation can severely impact crucial skills needed for
processing, learning, and retaining new information. Mindful movement, based on yoga
principles, has been shown to be effective in helping children deal with the stresses associated
with the school environment.
This recorded webinar course includes both lecture and experiential activities to help you
incorporate yoga tools into your work in the classroom. Designed for pediatric OT and PT
professionals in the school system, this course discusses the neuroscience of stress, explains the
benefits of mindful movement for children, and presents a variety of sensory-based yoga breaths,
poses, movement games, self-regulation strategies, and relaxation techniques for the school-aged
population. This course provides OT and PT providers with a practical, thorough grounding in
how to use yoga-based movement principles in the classroom environment.


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