CEUL072865 - 2-Day: Fall Prevention Specialist Certification Course: Fall-Proof Your Patients With Today's Best Practices

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PESI, Inc.

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Course Description:

One fall can turn your patient’s life upside down, resulting in rapidly declining health, extended hospital stays, financial loss, fear and isolation.

Whether you’re an OT, PT, nurse or anyone who works in a rehab or healthcare setting one fall can turn your life upside down as well; erasing the progress your clients have made toward their functional goals, causing you stress as you worry for your patient’s well-being, and leaving you facing the nerve-wracking implications for the reputation of both you and your facility.

Attend this live training, learn how to help patients avoid falls while retaining the strength, balance and mobility it takes to stay functionally independent and become a Certified Fall Prevention Specialist through the International Association of Aging Specialists (see

More than just an overview, this intensive Certification Course will offer practical solutions to some of the most challenging real-life situations you face with patients who fall or are at risk of falling. Built on today’s best practices, this program will provide you exactly what you need so you can…

• Better predict and prevent falls with effective fall prevention tools and strategies
• Safely build strength, coordination and balance in fallers
• Restore mobility and function with interventions and assistive technologies
• Build your professional reputation as a go-to resource on fall prevention

Sign up today, become a Certified Fall Prevention Specialist and let colleagues, employers, and caregivers know that you’ve invested the extra time and effort necessary to prevent falls, safely build balance, strength and coordination in fallers, and move patients toward their functional goals!

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Jun 17, 2021 to Jun 18, 2021 | Live Webcast XX


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