CEUL073837 - Trans-inclusive, Trauma-Informed, Kink-Aware Care: Optimizing Sexual Wellness

Offered By
CIAO Seminars

77 Bay Bridge Drive
Gulf Breeze, FL  32561  USA

Course Description:

This course is unlike anything else happening in the clinical education world. It is, essentially, two-courses-in-one. “Course One” covers Sexuality Counseling and Trauma-Informed Care (sexuality counseling refers to the tangible education and activities we can offer to people to help address their issues). “Course Two” covers Trans & Nonbinary Specific Considerations & Case Studies to tie it all together. We’re bringing mental health and medical providers into one learning situation because when we’re talking about these big, complex topics from multiple angles, everyone benefits from a richness in content and an understanding of what “the other lane” is. This course applies to every single patient who walks through your door and is inclusive on transgender and nonbinary folx.

This course covers some fun and challenging content. There will be many opportunities for personal learning activities and ways to take some challenging sexual issues, that your patients might come to you with, and learn how to break them into pieces and help them through their process

NOTE: This course is approved for partial credit due to the fact that not all content is related to PT. Approval of this course does not necessarily imply that the WV Board of Physical Therapy supports the views of the presenter or sponsor.


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