CEUL076813 - Pilates 101 & Movement Foundations

Offered By
Reforming Foundations School Of Pilates

3044 W Twelve Mile Rd
Berkley, MI  48072  USA

Course Description:

The Pilates 101 & Movement Foundations course contains key concepts for success in teaching Pilates exercises to clients with a wide variety of goals, interests, and physical abilities. Trainees will learn the RF Movement Foundations. This set of precise exercises, which emphasize quality of movement in each body region, serve as building blocks to the most challenging of Pilates exercises and day to day functional and recreational activities addressed by physical therapists. The Movement Foundations are relevant to a physical therapist pursuing a comprehensive Pilates certification, and also stand alone as highly effective neuromuscular re-education tools to restore healthy movement during the rehabilitation process. These exercises may also be used in the physical therapist’s injury prevention and health promotion roles, to optimize movement during repetitive tasks, promote strength and coordination, and prevent overuse injuries.

Through learning, practicing and teaching these Movement Foundations, physical therapists attending this course will develop a keen eye for observing movement. They will hone problem-solving and verbal and tactile cueing skills to optimize movement for each individual client, which when combined with existing clinical judgement and other therapeutic interventions, will support effective rehabilitation and return to function.

Additional topics in this two-weekend course include the history of Pilates; professionalism, studio ethics and scope of practice; communication and collaboration between healthcare professionals and Pilates instructors; and common health conditions and associated exercise precautions. Physical therapists will benefit from the discussion of scope of practice to understand how a Pilates-certified physical therapist should distinguish between teaching Pilates to a client and providing preventive or medically necessary physical therapy services, and when referral between these two professions is indicated.


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