CEUL077328 - Treatment of Individuals with Dementia, TBI, Concussion, Stroke and Cognitive Decline; Foundations in Brain Science as it Relates to Cognitive Rehabilitation and Neuroplasticity

Offered By
PESI, Inc.

3839 White Ave,
Eau Claire, WI  54703  USA

Course Description:

Over the next 20 years, the prevalence of dementia will continue to increase significantly as the baby boomer generation enters the age group of greatest risk. Do you have the skillset and tools to maximize treatment outcomes with this population? Regardless of your profession, information presented in this course will maximize your understanding of brain science, memory and cognitive decline while enabling improved responses to your treatment objectives. This course provides immediate empowerment to help your clients reduce dementia risk/cognitive decline and facilitate improvement once discovered.

Dr. Sherrie All offers a straightforward approach to introduce and explain current neuroscience while allowing immediate clinical application to your clients. Learn how to identify and find the problem and then how to set realistic evidence-based treatment goals. Dr. All shares a comprehensive toolbox of evidence-based cognitive rehabilitation interventions to optimize brain power, improve memory and reduce the rate of cognitive decline.

Drawing on over 15 years of clinical experience, Dr. All will teach you techniques and interventions to effectively:

• Confidently speak of neuroanatomy as it relates to memory and cognitive functioning with peers and clients/family members
• Assess for cognitive decline and accurately interpret complicated assessment reports
• Understand the difference between cognitive stimulation, cognitive training and cognitive rehabilitation
• Create actionable treatment plans to immediately help your clients
• Expand working memory and enhance attention, generalizing to real-world functioning
• Convey the importance of activity and exercise to maintain optimal brain health
• Determine when to refer out to a specialist for more detailed assessment
• Educate patients/clients to decrease fear and empower with evidence-based tools for improved cognitive function


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