CEUL081529 - Clinical Reasoning and Post-Operative Management for Evidence Based Practice: Thoracic/Ribs

Offered By
Inova Physical Therapy Center

4700 King Street
Suite 200
Alexandria, VA  22302  USA

Course Description:

This course is focused on enhancing the physical therapists’ ability to make decisions about clinical presentations and differential diagnosis in the thoracic/rib region. Course participants will develop a safe, effective, and efficient screening examination to ensure that the patient/client is within the scope of physical therapy practice and suitable for management; to provide a provisional diagnosis; and to guide the remainder of the evaluation and management. Course participants will identify an evidence-informed approach to evaluation and management through consideration of thoracic/rib musculoskeletal and neural anatomy, physiology, pathology, and movement science. Management strategies will include education, activity modification, manual therapy techniques, neural mobilizations, and individualized neuromuscular rehabilitation prescription, with the goal of restoring optimal function and preventing future health conditions and impairments. This interactive and lab based course provides multiple lab and breakout sessions for participants to practice and refine their palpation skills, evaluation skills, and manual therapy techniques, along with several case studies to work on the application of these techniques in clinical situations.


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