CEUL082950 - Advanced Dynamic Anatomy: Bridging the Gap between Anatomy & Treatment

Offered By
Great Lakes Seminars

2768 Centennial Road
Toledo, OH  43617  USA

Course Description:

This course will give the clinician the ability to find the cause of muscle weakness and the patient’s pain based on functional anatomy principles. This will enable the clinician to direct their patients to a quicker, more successful recovery. Participants will learn how to palpate all muscles that are responsible for dysfunction, along with the difference between muscle function and action, so they will be able to immediately recognize muscle dysfunction and identify the specific muscle at fault.

Come learn what to do with the muscular system we were never taught in school! This course will change the way you view finding the cause of common orthopedic problems and make treatment easier. Participants should have a basic knowledge of anatomy as this is an applied anatomy course.

As with all of our manual therapy courses, this seminar will follow a progression of principles and reinforce them throughout the 16 hours. This course is at least 75% hands-on lab, and will give the clinician skills they can use immediately upon their return to the clinical setting.

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Mar 5, 2022 to Mar 6, 2022 | Lansing MI
Apr 2, 2022 to Apr 3, 2022 | Toledo OH
May 14, 2022 to May 15, 2022 | Philadelphia PA
Sep 10, 2022 to Sep 11, 2022 | Minneapolis MN
Nov 12, 2022 to Nov 13, 2022 | Richmond VA


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