CEUL088175 - Wellness Concepts: Burnout, Stress & Mindfulness

Offered By
WorkWell Prevention And Care

306 W. Michigan St., Suite 301
Duluth, MN  55802  USA

Course Description:

Occupational stress and burnout can impact worker performance, health and interpersonal relationships. The interplay of the work environment, organizational culture, job demands, and personality/psychologic stressors have been noted to contribute to worker engagement. This 90 minute course will look at stress response and cognitive, behavioral, physical and interpersonal factors that can contribute to, or mitigate, the impact of stress. The program will also review practical prevention and intervention strategies aimed at managing stress, increasing coping strategies and facilitating a supportive work environment.
Learning Objectives:
At the end of the training, participants will be able to-
1.   Differentiate factors that impact stress/burnout at the individual, work unit, organizational and national levels; including one stressor and one related consequence for each level.
2.   Select an appropriate tool to measure each of the following constructs - burnout, stress, engagement, fatigue, fulfillment, coping and composite well-being, based on case information.
3.   Appropriately choose 2 relevant primary, secondary or tertiary interventions to address burnout/stress based on case information.
Outline & Agenda:

Time   Agenda Item
30 min
   Factors impacting job stress and burnout
30 min   Review of available assessment tools for stress/burnout
30 min   Interventions for stress/burnout

Equipment Needed for implementation: None specific to training.

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Feb 24, 2022 to Feb 24, 2022 | Virtual Live (in Person) XX
Jul 13, 2022 to Jul 13, 2022 | Virtual Live (in Person) XX
Nov 17, 2022 to Nov 17, 2022 | Virtual Live (in Person) XX


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