CEUL088442 - COPY OF Evidence Based Approach to the Evaluation & Treatment of Shoulder and Knee Disorders

Offered By
Northeast Seminars

P.O. Box 522
East Hampstead, NH  03826  USA

Course Description:

This evidence based course is designed to present to the clinician the most recent and state of the art information in the treatment of patient injuries/dysfunctions of the shoulder and knee joints. I have taken the comments & suggestions from course participants over the past 10 years and updated the information and have put together this outstanding course. This course will discuss the most current evidence based treatment approaches to various shoulder & knee pathologies & surgeries. Some of these lesions are the ones clinicians have said are the most difficult to treat! Through lecture presentations, videos of rehabilitation techniques and surgeries, demonstrations, hands-on laboratory sessions, open discussions and problem solving of patient case studies; the attendee will have an opportunity to master new and effective evaluation and treatment techniques and strategies.
Also, NEW, The course app for the course attendees is tremendous and an aspect that differentiates this course from other courses… The course will be outstanding & I think you’ll love the course!

Based on course attendees feedback the course curriculum presented has been updated from previous courses and now I will do demonstrations of treatment techniques & possibly lab time based on pandemic guidelines.

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Mar 4, 2022 to Mar 5, 2022 | Palm Beach FL
Mar 11, 2022 | Charlotte NC
Apr 8, 2022 to Apr 9, 2022 | Denver CO
May 20, 2022 to May 21, 2022 | Chicago IL
Jun 24, 2022 to Jun 25, 2022 | Boston MA
Aug 5, 2022 to Aug 6, 2022 | Baltimore MD
Aug 26, 2022 to Aug 27, 2022 | New York NY
Sep 16, 2022 to Sep 17, 2022 | San Francisco CA
Oct 7, 2022 to Oct 8, 2022 | Williamsburg VA


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