CEUL088669 - Early Intervention and Workplace Services

Offered By
WorkWell Prevention And Care

306 W. Michigan St., Suite 301
Duluth, MN  55802  USA

Course Description:

What’s the benefit of early intervention after a workplace injury? Clinicians in both outpatient and onsite settings may benefit from integrating principles of communication, screening, support/coaching, transitional work modification, pain education and onsite interventions into practice. This course provides an overview of the terminology and research related to early interventions and delivery methods associated with workplace injury, focusing on the role of the rehabilitation professional in preventing disability. Outcomes of interventions related to work participation, time loss, functional ability, impairment, cost and utilization will be discussed, as well as contextual considerations that may present barriers or facilitators to care.
Learning Objectives:
At the end of the training, participants will be able to-
1.   Outline an evidence-based evaluation process for acute work injury cases.
2.   Describe the scope of benefits for common acute physical therapy interventions used in early intervention for workers.
3.   Assess acute case conditions to outline an intervention plan based on worker presentation and workplace factors.

Outline and Agenda:

Time   Agenda Item
10 min   Welcome, Introductions, Orientation, Objectives

20 min   Background
•   Definition – what is “early” intervention?
•   Job demands
•   Stay at work/early return to work as part of early intervention
30 min   Screening & Assessment Tools
•   Right care at the right time
•   Understanding/screening for flags
•   Review of other assessment tools/screenings
•   Developing plan of care using risk information
30 min   Workplace Interventions
•   Categories of work-related interventions
•   Workplace based intervention for preventing/managing MSK issues
•   Workplace communication and problem-solving
•   Questions

Equipment: No required equipment for training. Information can generally be applied with existing clinical equipment


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