CEUL090541 - Autism Navigator for Early Intervention Providers

Offered By
School Therapy Services

11046 New Georges Creek Road SW
Frostburg, MD  21532  USA

Course Description:

Autism Navigator for Early Intervention Providers is designed to increase the capacity of early intervention providers to coach families of young children with or at risk for ASD. The 30-hour self-paced course at the Knowledge and Skills level integrates current research with extensive video illustrations covering five topics: 1) Improving Early Detection, 2) Collaborating with Families, 3) Developmental Perspectives, 4) Evidence-based Intervention Strategies, and 5) Addressing Challenging Behaviors. The Mastery level course is for those who have completed the 30-hour course. It contains extensive libraries of video clips and self-guided lessons to provide opportunities to practice and implement concepts learned and to access more video examples to better serve families. Providers are invited to monthly interactive webinars for each course level to be part of a larger Autism Navigator learner community. Autism Navigator is a unique collection of web-based courses and tools developed to bridge the gap between science and community practice. We have integrated the most current research into a highly interactive web platform with extensive video footage illustrating effective evidence-based practice. Each course is designed to increase the capacity of healthcare providers, early intervention providers, educators, and families to improve outcomes of young children with ASD. Our goal is to help foster learning and development in children with ASD as early as possible. Our dream is to help create an integrated, cost-efficient, community-viable system of service delivery to improve outcomes of children with ASD.

CEU Credits: 30.000

Type of Course: Online Only

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Aug 1, 2021 to Aug 31, 2022


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