CEUL091313 - CranioSomatic Foundations-1

Offered By
CranioSomatic Rehab Institute, LLC

7827 N. Armenia Ave
Tampa, FL  33604  USA

Course Description:

For CranioSomatic Foundations - 1, due to Covid, we are proposing a split format of 3 hours live on zoom and the remaining 13 hours on site/in person (assuming Federal, State and Local guidelines allow for this). If or when Covid restrictions are lifted, the course will still be offered on Zoom for the first 3 hours for the convenience of the students. This zoom experience also gives them a break to study the manual and come fully prepared to take advantage of the laboratory mentoring that is an important part of this course. Content will include lecture and demonstration of the detailed procedures for performing all the relevant manual therapy skills and a 13- Step Protocol for clearing cranial sutures, which will be demonstrated and practiced in laboratory. Also included are neuro-facilitation skills, self-practice, and partner practice with 1-10 proctor coaching. The strategy for finding specific therapeutic musculoskeletal points for treatment focus will be covered. Documentation methods for assessment and outcome evaluations of this manual therapy and neurological facilitation are also included. Case studies will be presented and patient education will be discussed. There will be question and answer opportunities and clinical relevance brainstorming. The total CE requested are 3 hours for zoom portion and 13 hours for onsite/live portion, totaling 16 CE.
Starts: May 20, 2022 (FrIday) 9:00 --- Ends: May 22, 2022 Sun.)( 4:30)

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Jul 22, 2022 to Jul 24, 2022 | Warren MI


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