CEUL093933 - COPY OF Integrating Yoga Concepts in Outpatient Ortho Therapy - RE-APPROVAL REQUEST

Offered By
PT Yogi Seminars

3500 Rockmont Drive, 3-103
Denver, CO  80202  USA

Course Description:

The benefits of yoga for musculoskeletal injuries are well known and evidence based. Yet, as medical practitioners, we do not get this unique and effective knowledge in our traditional schooling. This course, written and taught by a 20 year experienced board certified orthopedic doctor of physical therapy and certified yoga instructor, has an aim of integrating the key therapeutic benefits of yoga that are not taught in non-yoga schools, into the established framework of the medical practitioner. The author explains in detail why and how integrating these key yoga concepts will immediately improve your patient outcomes. The course will educate on how yoga positively affects mobility, strength, motor control, endurance, and motivation; all factors, we as clinicians, are trying to improve in our patients on a daily basis.
Specific populations and conditions that will be covered include, but are not limited to, geriatric and fall prevention, scoliosis, arthritis, sports, chronic pain, and breathing techniques.
This hands-on, active course is designed for the clinician seeing a myriad of conditions in the outpatient clinic. This course is for adult, orthopedic conditions and therefore, will not cover pediatrics or neurological conditions.

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Aug 20, 2022 to Aug 21, 2022 | COLORADO SPRINGS CO
Sep 24, 2022 to Sep 24, 2022 | Denver CO


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