CEUL096318 - Understanding How to Work With Dementia Patients to Improve Outcomes; A Clinical Perspective in Determining Cognitive Levels and Providing Skilled Interventions

Offered By
Community Physical Therapy & Associates

2171 Executive Dr.
Suite 500
Addison, IL  60101  USA

Course Description:

1.The participants will develop a working knowledge about Dementia: Introduction to Dementia: What is dementia. Current theories about the causes of dementia. Will every dementia diagnosis lead to Alzheimer’s Disease.

2. The participants will become familiar with and can utilize various cognitive assessment screens to determine the cognitive level of patients: Present various methods to assess cognitive levels. Compare and contrast the methods to show correlation between them. Methods considered to include: BCAT, Allen Cognitive Method, FAST Scale, MMS, GDS.
3.The therapist will be able to accurately perform an evaluation, differentiate between physical declines and cognitive declines with regard to function and develop a treatment plan / goals based on both physical and cognitive (dis)abilities.

4. Design and revise evidence based skilled tx options / strategies for facilitating successful therapeutic encounters and interactions with patients and their caregivers with dementia. Incorporate meaningful functional activities while keeping in mind cognitive stages of the patient. Discuss the need for adaptations/modifications to the environment for safety and to facilitate maximal participation and decrease excess disability.

CEU Credits: 4.000

Type of Course: In Person

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Jul 26, 2022 to Jul 26, 2022 | Addison IL


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