CEUL097322 - Science of Running Medicine Symposium

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Science Of Running Medicine

3322 Prairie Glade Rd
Middleton, WI  53562  USA

Course Description:

Running is a demanding physical activity performed by millions of persons worldwide. Given the repetitive high-impact nature of running, many individuals who engage in this form of exercise experience pain or become injured. For the professional or avid runner, this pain and injury can cause frustration and loss of running time. For the sports medicine clinician, managing the injured runner can be challenging as the cause(s) of running injuries are often multifactorial.

The Science of Running Medicine brings together three of the leading clinical researchers involving running mechanics and injury. With a combined 75+ years of clinical practice and 350+ publications, the faculty is committed to providing health care professionals and the running community with evidenced-based strategies to advance running injury management.

The Science of Running Medicine recognizes that not all runners are created equal, and neither are the injury prevention and recovery methods. By combining science and practice, successful approaches can be individualized for you, your patients and your clients.

This evidence-based symposium will bring together top clinical researchers in the field of biomechanics to discuss and debate contemporary topics related to running biomechanics, running-related injuries, and the rehabilitation of the injured runner. The use of video analysis as part of the running gait examination will be emphasized, and novel strategies to modify running mechanics will be presented as part of a comprehensive approach to treatment. Multiple case studies will be integrated to illustrate concepts and promote idea application. Participants will be provided with practical information to “take back” to the clinic for immediate use in managing the injured runner.

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Oct 29, 2022 to Oct 30, 2022 | Rochester MN


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