CEUL102301 - Myofascial Release I

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Myofascial Release Seminars

42 Lloyd Avenue
Malvern, PA  19355  USA

Course Description:

Myofascial Release I Seminar

Myofascial Release I (MFR I) is designed to be primarily a hands-on experience. MFR I will present comprehensive knowledge of the function, structure and dysfunction of the fascial and craniosacral systems.

For teaching purposes the seminar is divided into three arbitrary divisions and within each division there is a comprehensive theory and various techniques which can immediately be utilized in the clinical setting. The three divisions are as follows:

1)   Myofascial Soft Tissue Mobilization
2)   Deep Myofascial Release
3)   Craniosacral Techniques

The divisions are brought together to give a clear understanding of the whole-body phenomena and the importance of integrating all the techniques in the treatment program.

Upon completion of the seminar the participants will have a good understanding of the fascial and craniosacral system. They will be able to utilize appropriate techniques to treat the fascial and craniosacral systems. Professionals will be able to return to their clinical setting and immediately incorporate these techniques into their treatment programs, thus widening their scope and ability to help patients suffering acute and chronic pain and dysfunction.

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Jan 19, 2023 to Jan 22, 2023 | Captiva Island FL
Mar 9, 2023 to Mar 12, 2023 | Sedona AZ
Mar 31, 2023 to Apr 2, 2023 | Perrysburg OH
Mar 31, 2023 to Apr 2, 2013 | San Antonio TX
Apr 28, 2023 to Apr 30, 2023 | Rochester NY
Apr 28, 2023 to Apr 30, 2023 | Burr Ridge IL
May 12, 2023 to May 14, 2023 | Wilmington DE
May 19, 2023 to May 21, 2023 | Columbia SC
Jun 9, 2023 to Jun 11, 2023 | Oklahoma City OK
Jun 15, 2023 to Jun 18, 2023 | Las Vegas NV
Jun 16, 2023 to Jun 18, 2023 | Appleton WI


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