CEUL102776 - Running Roundup Certificate Course *Weekend Intensive*

Offered By
Simple Solutions PT

11421 Driscoll Rd
Chester, VA  23831  USA

Course Description:

Prior to each course offering of the Running Roundup Weekend Intensive, the most recent research is combed to present evidence-based running rehabilitation approaches at the forefront of best practices.

In 1 weekend, clinicians learn to safely, effectively, and efficiently assess and provide interventions for injured runners, allowing them to return to running as quickly as possible with the least risk of re-injury.

Using subjective clues combined with the most pertinent objective information, the clinician has the tools to identify when a video run assessment is appropriate within the plan of care, how to conduct a video run assessment efficiently, and how to interpret the points of assessment. Diagnosis-specific components are emphasized with the tools to identify the cause and effect of various deficiencies in strength, range of motion, and running mechanics associated with various clinical presentations. Interventions are taught based on the most recent evidence for efficient recovery and return to running. Attendees learn how to choose a Walk to Run program option based on the patient presentation. Timelines for training programs to support patients’ goals to return to running specific distance races are included as well as training on shoe selection and supportive running gear for safety and comfort. Exercise prescription based on patient presentation and post-op protocols for returning to running are included.

By the end of this course, each attendee is equipped with a comprehensive depth of knowledge they can use to most effectively and efficiently assist injured runners back into running safely with the least risk of re-injury.

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Dec 10, 2022 to Dec 10, 2022
Dec 11, 2022 to Dec 11, 2022
Mar 25, 2023 to Mar 25, 2023
Mar 26, 2023 to Mar 26, 2023
Dec 9, 2023 to Dec 9, 2023
Dec 10, 2023 to Dec 10, 2023


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