CEUL103826 - The Complex Athlete: how to manage the overtraining - injury cycle in competitive athletes

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APTA Michigan

Lansing, MI  48933  USA

Course Description:

In Sports Medicine and Physical Therapy, the term “ATHLETE” applies to many of our patients. In endurance medicine our athletes will train in the aerobic zones, often spanning long durations, routinely overtraining and exhausting themselves both physically and mentally. The toll this takes on the athlete can be long and arduous to return from, especially when it results in injury. In the mind of the athlete, they often feel compelled to train harder after an injury to make up for “lost time” only to find themselves in a vicious loop of the re-injury cycle.
This course will specifically identify key components of our endurance athletic population and will be presented by outstanding clinicians who are also high-level competitive athletes, earning the motto of “athletes treating athletes.” They are PT/PTA clinicians, but also function as coaches, exercise physiologists, strength coaches and mentors. They will present updates in evidence-based practice and case studies that are applicable in all outpatient/ortho/sports clinical settings. The course will follow four parallel tracks of endurance and tactical medicine, including cycling/triathlon, running, female athlete specific topics (Female Athlete Triad/REDs) and rhabdomyolysis. There will also be a panel discussion near the end of the course with ample time for Q&A.
1. Understand specific characteristics/requirements of endurance athletes, tactical athletes, female athletes as it pertains endurance sports and job duties.
2. Identify common injuries and movement dysfunctions associated with cycling, running, triathlon, crossfit and tactical sports.
3. Learn effective strategies to identify common injuries and diagnoses, when to keep & treat or refer, interventions and exercises to treat common injuries and movement dysfunctions, as well as improve overall endurance/tactical performance.

CEU Credits: 2.000

Type of Course: In Person

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Mar 25, 2023 to Mar 25, 2023 | Detroit MI


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