CEUL108793 - Breathwork Workshop

Offered By
Mary Free Bed Rehabilitation Hospital

235 Wealthy St. SE
Grand Rapids, MI  49503  USA

Course Description:

Breathwork is various patterns of breathing exercises designed to improve physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Through manipulation of the breath, these exercises induce emotional and physical healing as well as insight into the subconscious. The therapeutic effects of guided breathwork include:
•Parasympathetic nervous system stimulation
•Sympathetic nervous system regulation
•Decreased anxiety/stress
•Radical self-acceptance
•Release pain and tension
•Increased energy, vitality, mental clarity and focus
•Increased mindfulness

There is power in conscious breathing to bring about self-awareness and healing. Using the breath in active meditation allows the heart to open and create space for peace, self-love and grace. Through the practice of intentional breathing, old wounds and dysfunctional patterns are released, while wholeness, healing and love returns. These techniques are always available anywhere and anytime to allow for increased mindfulness in stressful situations that health care workers may encounter.

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Jan 10, 2023 to Jan 10, 2023 | Grand Rapids MI
Jan 24, 2023 to Jan 24, 2023 | Grand Rapids MI
Feb 7, 2023 to Feb 7, 2023 | Grand Rapids MI
Mar 2, 2023 to Mar 2, 2023 | Grand Rapids MI
Mar 7, 2023 to Mar 7, 2023 | Grand Rapids MI
Mar 28, 2023 to Mar 28, 2023 | Grand Rapids MI
Apr 11, 2023 to Apr 11, 2023 | Grand Rapids MI
Apr 25, 2023 to Apr 25, 2023 | Grand Rapids MI


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