CEUL112819 - Post Offer Employment Testing (POET) & Fit for Duty Testing (FFD): Design & Implementation

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WorkWell Prevention And Care

306 W. Michigan St., Suite 301
Duluth, MN  55802  USA

Course Description:

WorkWell’s Post Offer Employment Testing (POET) is designed to determine a job applicant’s ability to safely perform the functional requirements of a specific job. Based on validated, functional job descriptions to ensure job relatedness, POET enables an employer and potential employees to identify potential mismatches between physical job requirements and physical capabilities of a prospective worker (or fitness for duty when considering return to work/Fit for Duty testing). Compliant with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Canadian Human Rights’ legislation, the WW POET/FFD screens are based on the worker’s capability to perform specific job functions. It allows the employer to make hiring and return to work decisions in a legal, fair and non‐discriminatory way.

In this 1-day training, providers learn to develop job specific screens which can be used during the applicant hiring process (POET), for transferring employees from one job to another, or determination of an injured employee’s ability to return to work following an acute injury or illness (FFD). In addition to learning elements of test item selection, cut point determination, test development and screen validation, this program also includes case examples, resource materials, and a review of administrative considerations including ADA/EEOC regulatory considerations of functional screens.
Please note: For POET training, WorkWell highly recommends participants have previous training in functional job analysis. The WorkWell software will be of limited use without familiarity and background with the WorkWell FJA. If not attending FJA training, it is strongly recommended that facility have the WorkWell FJA program and at least one person trained in FJA.
Learning Objectives:
At the completion of the course, participants will be able to:
1.   Differentiate the conditions for appropriate use of functional testing in post offer employment testing (POET), agility testing, pre offer inquiries, and fit for duty exams.
2.   Summarize 5 key regulatory considerations related to functional testing (pre hire and fit for duty) within the context of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), EEOC, discrimination, direct threat and adverse impact.
3.   Analyze scope of work implications based on project variables including number of POET, anticipated screen length, payment and potential for adverse impact.
4.   Develop a test exam including task description, test parameters, safety progressions and scoring cut points.
5.   Describe the process of developing a circuit test in complex situations which involve high volume material handling and cyclical task execution.
6.   Choose logistics for obtaining worker/supervisor feedback to validate job descriptions considering sampling practices and group dynamics.
7.   Develop logistical elements of test delivery through the use of an implementation procedure checklist
8.   Summarize clinical considerations of service delivery for POET/Fit for Duty testing including training, scope of practice and licensure/supervision.


8:00 - 8:15   Introductions
Orientation- Disclosure, facilities review and safety considerations
8:15-9:30   POET Learning Objectives
Operational Definition of POET
Types of Functional testing
Compare and Contrast POET, Post Offer Functional Testing, Agility Testing, and Fit for Duty Testing (FFD)
Presentation and Discussion of Regulatory Considerations in Post Offer Functional Testing
Introduction to Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and EEOC Regulatory Considerations
Reasonable accommodations/possible modification
POET Overview
Roles and responsibilities in POET Design and Program Implementation
Role of Job Descriptions in POET Design
Concepts and Considerations in Developing POET
Design Elements
Design Process
Establishing Applicant Appropriateness for Functional Testing
Reviewing Results and Outcomes of Screening
Issues in Testing such as Discrimination, Safety, etc.
9:30-9:40   Break
9:40-10:30   Post Offer Employment Test Design
   Transitioning from Sales to Implementation
   Reviewing and Obtaining Information from FJD
   Identify Essential Functions/Critical Demands and Incorporate in
   Location/Test Equipment and Ensuring Consistency of Testing
   Determine Functional Parameters and Scoring
10:30-11:30   Small Group Exercise- POET Design
   Review forms and templates for POET Examples
   Design POET from Sample Job Description
Present and Discuss Design Elements to Large Group
11:30-12:00   Validation and evaluating test utility and relevance with worker input
Dissemination of information and Data Management
12:00-12:15   Break
12:15-1:30   Large Group Activity- Guided POET Development for Complex Testing Example
Process Elements of clinical delivery of POET applicant testing
Determining Location, Sequence and Timing of Testing in Employer
Hiring Procedures
Scheduling, Entry to Testing and Paperwork
Completing a Health History and Systems Review
Functional Testing and Scoring
1:30-2:45   Developing Standard Operating Procedures in Collaboration with Employer (P&P)
Roles and Responsibilities
Medical exam, history and systems review timing/coordination
Scoring Standards
Retesting Policy
Dissemination of Results
Tracking Outcomes/Issues in Screening

Equipment: None specific to training; although similar to Functional Capacity Evaluation, based on local employer client needs and tests designed.


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