CEUL113940 - Stroke Rehab for Patients who “Push”: Management Strategies for a Unique Patient Population

Offered By
PESI, Inc.

3839 White Ave,
Eau Claire, WI  54703  USA

Course Description:

(This is a private in-house live seminar )

Pushing behavior presents serious challenges during stroke rehabilitation. Patients who push are often low level, need a lot of assistance, have considerable safety concerns, and do not respond to typical treatment interventions. This recording will show you how to address the root causes of pusher syndrome.

This lab-intensive, recording will show you how to address the root causes of pusher syndrome with evidence-based treatment activities and progressions. Learn how to assess and address the limiting impairments of pusher patients, utilizing the ICF model and principles of neuroplasticity to select the right intervention at the right time, and to maximize treatment outcomes.

Additionally, appropriate assessment tools and functional performance tests will be practiced in order to apply treatment ideas in any environment. You will come away with techniques applicable to other patients who present with similar impairments such as difficulty with midline, retropulsion, trunk malalignments, postural control deficits, and gait dysfunction, making this course a great investment! This dynamic course will take your treatments to the next level!

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Sep 30, 2023 to Sep 30, 2023 | Milwaukee WI


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