CEUL132268 - Maximizing Mobility, Balance, Gait, and Fall Reduction Strategies to Improve Functional Outcomes in Older Adults

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Course Description:

Despite advances in medicine, increased access to healthcare, and improved surgical strategies, quality of life for adult and geriatric populations has been reduced as quantity of life has taken priority. Regardless of clinical setting, clinicians are asked to magically improve quality of life with reduced funding, reduced time, and increased documentation demands. How can I improve quality of life and participation in meaningful activity while meeting the demands of the industry? How can I effectively evaluate and provide treatment strategies addressing stability, mobility, falls, confidence, gait, and mobility with my clients in their specific context? How do I return my practice to an emphasis on quality treatment with a focus on the client developing strategies specific to increase quality and participation in life?
This innovative, evidence-based course presents the latest best practices for assessing degenerative changes due to functional decline and creating a practical treatment plan that focuses holistically on addressing all client areas. You will learn new and effective strategies designed for promoting mobility and stability to delay common age-related physical impairment. Emphasis will be placed not just on increasing strength, but the appropriate functional movement pattern while implementing simultaneous visual and psychological strategies in various environments.
This course will take an evolutionary pattern to return the clinician to functional emphasis in three major areas:
• Re-defining the core using principles of stability and mobility. Through evidence-based approaches and labs, the attendee will master movements for stability in all functional planes learning strategies which can be modified for all functional levels. The course will also address dysfunctional posture and contracture development commonly seen with the adult and geriatric population and specific strategies to reduce and delay these patterns.
• Fall reduction strategies utilizing the stability and mobility patterns learned in the first section. In addition, attention will be given to external factors, medication management, depression, and psychological factors often neglected in everyday practice.
• The “Determinants of Gait” and how they impact function, mobility, and quality of life. This course will take a dive into the history of mobility and what is often neglected when we focus solely on physical “phases of gait”. The instructor will provide in depth analysis on the 6 determinants of gait using the latest evidence and how to address the 6 determinants increasing function and mobility beyond gait.

Course Dates To Be Offered:

May 18, 2024 to May 19, 2024 | Green Bay WI
Jun 22, 2024 to Jun 23, 2024 | Greenville SC
Nov 2, 2024 to Nov 3, 2024 | San Antonio TX


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