CEUL133443 - Today's Best Treatments for the Upper Extremity: Rapidly Resolve Hand, Wrist & Elbow Problems with Ease

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PESI, Inc.

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Eau Claire, WI  54703  USA

Course Description:

When you’re working with upper extremity patients, sometimes progress can feel like an uphill battle.

Many patients have difficulty describing upper extremity symptoms, so localizing the problem can be a challenge. Scar tissue and edema often limit tissue gliding so much that it interferes with exercises and functional tasks. And when standard treatment protocols fall short of expectations, this can leave your patients frustrated, pained by activities that give them purpose, and resigned to surgical options.

But with the latest advances in upper extremity rehabilitation, helping your patients achieve their functional goals is easier than ever.

Dive deep into swift and precise diagnostic techniques, harnessing a holistic assessment approach that amalgamates the finest evaluations in the field. Elevate your therapeutic arsenal with pioneering interventions, ready to be integrated into your practice for rapid patient progress. Master the art
of crafting sophisticated care plans tailored to a spectrum of prevalent upper extremity conditions, seamlessly merging various techniques for unparalleled results.

Tune in to witness Kristin Valdes, the esteemed former president of the American Society of Hand Therapists, as she guides you through a tried-and-true blueprint for upper extremity rehabilitation. This dynamic webinar promises not just knowledge, but a transformative experience, equipping you with strategies that have empowered numerous patients to reclaim their lost functions and lead a life free from debilitating pain.

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Apr 15, 2024 | Eau Claire WI


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