CEUL133733 - Active Interventions and Dosing for Outcomes

Offered By
PT Solutions Physical Therapy

1100 Circle 75 Pkwy. Suite 1400
Atlanta, GA  30339  USA

Course Description:

This live interactive course will focus on principles of active intervention prescription in a rehabilitation setting. Beyond a basic understanding of intervention application, this course will emphasize evidence-based and informed rationales for selection and implementation of interventions including graded exposure, graded activity, resistance training, aerobic exercise, and sport-specific exercise. Additional emphasis will be on utilizing active interventions to address multiple facets of patient care, including pain modulation, self-efficacy, fear avoidance, and progression towards wellness with the intention of improving quality of life and decreasing recidivism. The principles of this course form the foundation for developing a more nuanced approach to prescribing load and intensity of aerobic and resistance training, understanding specific mechanisms of action for varying types of active interventions to more appropriately determine when/how to prescribe them, and how to progress interventions for management of a variety of complex conditions. This course will feature a combination of lecture and lab, with heavy emphasis on lab and small group case discussion, with active intervention
selection/progression practice that will ultimately lead to well-informed care decisions and enhanced patient outcomes.

CEU Credits: 9.000

Type of Course: In Person

Course Dates To Be Offered:

Apr 27, 2024 to Apr 27, 2024 | Fox Valley WI


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