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Lots of new features, expanded options for CEU Holder, Providers, and Admins!

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How Does This Work?

CEU Locker helps professional associations, their members, and the CEU Providers in their area, come together to manage the entire CEU life cycle.

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1 Providers Enter Course Offerings into their CEU Provider Lockers. They submit & pay for course applications to those PT Chapters they desire approval in.

2 Member Associations are able to assign new course applications to Reviewers of their choice. Reviewers evaluate and score applications at their leisure from any Internet connected device on the planet. Association Admins approve or deny course applications and notify Providers.

3 CEU Holders research approved courses on your website, and after completing a course, they enter the course ID into their CEU Holder Locker for easy management, archiving, and export!

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Who Is A CEU Holder?

If you are a member of an association or certification system, and are required to maintain continuing education credits for your licensure, then you are a CEU Holder!

CEU Locker helps you maintain your record of credits in a cloud-based system always available, always secure, and always there to protect your professional status.

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What Are CEU Providers?

Do you create continuing education content for your industry and it's licensees?

If so, you are a CEU Provider, and CEU Locker will help you get your courses; didactic, homestudy, online, or otherwise, approved and in front of professionals from a wide range of professional associations and credentialing bodies.

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Take In, Review, Score, and Manage CEU Applications!

Bring the CEU application problem under control, with a fast, easy, distributed online system.

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