What are System Fee Credits

CEU Locker is supported by the small System Fees that Providers pay when completing a CEU Application

Pilot Program With West Virginia Board of Physical Therapy  Before January 2019, the small system fee was added to the individual applicatons being placed. Due to feedback from several CEU Providers, and changing requirements from the State of West Virginia, we are piloting a new method of collecting the System Fees. This upgraded system will help some Providers save money and more accurately account for their expenses.

How System Fee Credits Work: For CEU Providers placing course applications for approval into the WVBoPT Locker, your system fee will not be included in the WVBoPT checkout process. Instead, Providers will be able to pre-purchase system fee credits, which will then be deducted from your account when placing a WVBoPT application. This new process will allow Providers with multiple applications to purchase credits at a discounted rate! Please note this process covers the CEU Locker System Fee ONLY -- you will checkout as normal through the WV gateway for the WVBoPT appliation fee separately.

Have Questions? Get Help Here, by clicking the "Open Support Ticket" yellow button.

Looking to Give Input? As of March 2019, we are in the middle of a complete renovation of the CEU Locker ecosystem. If you have features you would like to see, changes or enhancements to the system, please email the development team here.

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