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APTA Nebraska

Title Provider Start Date Location
CEUL047669 Myofascial Unwinding 20.000 Myofascial Release Seminars 2020-12-08 Wilmington, DE
CEUL047670 Myofascial Release II 20.000 Myofascial Release Seminars 2020-12-11 Wilmington, DE
CEUL047671 Myofascial Release I 20.000 Myofascial Release Seminars 2020-12-04 Wilmington, DE
CEUL048349 Rehabilitation Strategies for the Older Adult with Multi-Morbidity 20.000 GREAT Seminars & Books / GREAT Seminars Online 2020-12-05 Allentown, PA
CEUL064865 Supportive Care and Rehabilitation for Head and Neck Cancer 1.500 Tactile Medical 2020-12-09 Virtual, NE

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